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What’s sensor faucet?

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With the outbreak of novel coronavirus, more and more countries are concerned about public health issues. In daily life, many people forget to turn off the bathroom basin tap after using water, resulting in huge water waste. The emergence of an automatic sensor faucet can not only save water resources, it is also widely used to protect public safety. The use of the touchless water faucet is also very simple and convenient. The automatic sink faucet senses a person's hand and the water starts to flow; when people leave, the water will automatically stop flowing out. But now many people don't know much about the induction faucet. Let's take a look together today.


52-hands free kitchen faucet

The principle of the automatic bathroom faucet is also relatively simple, which is infrared reflection. When your hand is placed in the sensing area of the sensor water tap, the infrared light emitted by the infrared emitting tube will be reflected to the infrared receiving tube through your hand, and the signal will be processed and sent to the pulse solenoid valve to control the water system. When the hand is far away from the faucet in the sensor area, the infrared light is not reflected, the solenoid valve will automatically close, and the water will automatically close.


Touch free faucets can help save water resources and face the problem of dwindling water resources. Bomei continues to innovate product structure, improve product design, and apply the latest technology to product design. Bomei’s automatic faucet sensor fully considers people’s water usage habits, making it more convenient for people to use water, and at the same time effectively avoiding the waste of large amounts of water and avoiding the spread of bacteria caused by contact, thus effectively preventing cross-infection, achieving the goal of convenience, sanitation and water saving.


52-touchless bathroom faucet

The main types of motion kitchen faucet are as follows:


(1) Faucet with shielding infrared automatic switch. When someone reaches out to clean, the infrared rays will be blocked, and the motion activated faucet will automatically open to drain the water. After cleaning, the faucet will automatically turn off when people leave. This faucet is convenient to use, sanitary and water-saving.


(2) Infrared reflection water-saving faucet. When someone cleans near the faucet, the infrared beam is reflected, received, amplified, decoded, and output to trigger the solid-state relay to turn on the faucet. When people leave, the faucet will automatically turn off. The circuit not only saves water and electricity, but also prevents contact with various diseases and infectious diseases. This type of faucet is widely used in public places such as restaurants, public toilets, and hospitals.


Nowadays, public places are all inductive faucets, and on/off faucets are almost invisible. The times are advancing. If we do not make progress, we will be eliminated by society. The sensor faucet can effectively prevent the waste of water resources. Bomei produces high quality and safe bathroom sensor faucet for our clients. 

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