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What’s the Function of the Bidet Nozzle?

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The function of smart bidet toilet is different from the dual flush toilet we use daily. The bidet is specially designed for ladies to clean private parts. Installing a bidet at home can greatly improve the quality of life. However, many people do not know much about bidet. In this article, we will understand the function of bidet and what is the shower spray gun of bidet.



The Role of Bidet


The bidet is an item used by women to clean their private parts.


The purpose of hand held bidet is to clean you up after going to the toilet. Some people think that the bidet is a hygienic substitute for toilet paper, but many people still use both.


Most freestanding bidets allow you to sit facing or facing away (just like sitting on a toilet with sink on top) its water flow control switch. If you face the switch, it will be easier to control the size and temperature of the water flow. But if you wear long pants, you usually need to take off your pants to sit on the bidet in this position. There are many designs for bidet, so bidet shower head and the part you want to clean will determine which orientation you want to use.


You have to adjust the temperature and the intensity of the water flow of the nozzle to achieve comfort. If the bidet is controlled by hot and cold water, turn on the hot water first. When the water gets hot, turn on cold water again until you feel the water temperature is comfortable.


Be careful when turning on the faucet, because many bidets will produce a strong flow of water as long as the switch is turned slightly.


Adjust your posture so that you are above the nozzle so that the nozzle can rush to the part you need. Some bidets require you to squat in the air, while others allow you to sit on it.


Clean the anus and/or lower body. Clean the areas you need with water, just like in the shower.


Some hand shower bidets have a built-in air dryer for use. If not, just wipe it dry with toilet paper.


After using the bidet, use a faucet spray head to rinse the tub for a few seconds at very low water pressure to keep it clean. Wash your hands with soap and water, just like you always wash your hands after using the toilet.


92.Bidet Nozzle

Is the Bidet Shower Spray Gun Useful?


Bidet spray head is to turn water flow into high-pressure water gun. When the toilet is very dirty after going to the toilet, you can use a spray gun to flush it. In addition, when you just came back from the outside wearing slippers, a lot of mud can also be washed in the bathroom. For example, a lot of dirty things on the mop can also be washed with shower bidet spray.


For example, if you have pets in your home, you can use a spray gun. Or after going to the toilet, without installing the intelligent toilet seat, you can also use the spray gun to flush.


The Difference between a Bidet and a Smart Toilet


In terms of function, the fully automatic smart toilet has the functions of warm water cleaning, warm air drying, seat heating, and back and forth movement after cleaning. Compared with bidet, it is more humane and closer to life, and its washing effect can be comparable to bidet. But from the perspective of hygiene, the toilet may be used by more than one person, and the bidet is dedicated. In theory, using a bidet will be more at ease. If your bathroom space is really not allowed, you can choose a fully automatic smart toilet.


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