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What should we pay attention to when choosing a kitchen faucet?

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The kitchen is the birthplace that produces a large number of healthy and delicious foods, and the most basic kitchen faucet accessories are commonly used but can not be ignored. Although this is only a small part, the kitchen filtered water faucet is not only a beautiful and practical problem, but more importantly, it is the quality. If you buy inferior faucets, it will bring a lot of problems and it will be very troublesome to solve, so we should know some precautions before buying faucets.



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Practical aspects:


1. Easy to use


Washing vegetables, steaming rice, cooking soup, washing bowls ... There are too many annoying things in the kitchen, so it's best not to let the one hole kitchen faucet disturb you! With a good faucet, people often don't feel its existence, which is mainly related to its valve core and switch mode. Good faucet valve core can be opened and closed freely, and the hand feeling will not be too loose or too tight when using; The position and shape of the handle should be convenient to open and close, that is, flow kitchen faucet can be easily operated with the back of the hand; Traditional screw-type and spanner-type switches are no longer used in kitchens. Instead, they are quick-closing lifting switches.


2. Easy to clean


When working in the kitchen, you will use your hands with oil stains and dirt to open the luxury kitchen faucet and make it dirty. Therefore, it is better to choose products that are free from oil stains and convenient to scrub. This has a lot to do with the shape and coating of faucets. Generally, faucets with complex shapes and changeable lines are easy to leave dead corners for cleaning, and the surfaces of outdoor kitchen faucets with thin coating and low hardness are easy to be blackened and dirty. So you should use products with simple shapes and hard coatings, which can save a lot of things.



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The intelligence aspect:


1. Touch faucet


Have you ever encountered an embarrassing scene where your fingers are stained or your hands are stuffed with things, and you can't switch faucets? Traditional black stainless steel kitchen faucets are mostly manually switched, and many people may have had the embarrassing situation before. The humanized design of kitchen faucet fully takes into account the hectic situation in the kitchen, which can make your kitchen life easy and convenient. If you touch any part of the touch activated kitchen faucet, you can switch the faucet at will. When you are busy cooking or cleaning in the sink, you can easily control the water switch by touching any part of the new kitchen faucet, which is convenient to use, saves water and reduces the possibility of cross-contamination.


2. Electric heating faucet


Many people suffer from washing dishes or vegetables in winter. Electric single lever kitchen faucet can be said to be a very practical product, which can produce hot water in 3-5 seconds. Because water will not be stored in water tank for a long time, it is not easy to breed bacteria, and it is also sanitary. However, the current electric kitchen tap faucet market is rather messy, and safety accidents are frequent. Please carefully select the products of brand enterprises.

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