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Where is the correct installation position of bathroom accessories?

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Many people tend to ignore the correct installation position of bathroom hardware pendant, people are randomly installed in a certain place, until it is inconvenient to use, it is found that the installation position of bathroom hardware pendant is also very particular. In addition to the use of the bathroom pendant installation position there is a condition: health! The following is from two aspects to consider and summarize the common bathroom hardware pendant's correct installation position, for everyone to provide a reference.

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1. Bathroom Towel Rack Installation

Generally, the installation position of towel storage rack and towel rack should be on the same side of hand-held shower. Whether there is a shower room or not, we should consider the need to waterproof the laundry items placed on the bathroom towel shelf. If you install a bathtub for shower at home, you can mainly install the towel rack outside the hot bathtub. The general installation height is 1.8 meters above the ground.


If it is a separate towel rack, that is, there is no upper and lower towel rack, the waterproof problem can not be considered, but the hygiene problem should be considered. So the installation of towel rack needs to be carried out in the open wall, and it should be easy to distinguish from the sundries. When you install the rack separately, the installation height is 1.5 meters above the ground.



2. Installation Position Of Clothes Hook

Considering the waterproof property, if the bathroom space is large enough, it can be installed behind the bathroom door. If the bathroom is small, it should be installed on the wall outside the bathroom. If the bathroom is equipped with a shower room, it can be installed on the side of the modern hand shower outside the shower room. The specific installation height is generally about 1.7 meters, which can be determined by the per capita height of family members.



3. Installation Position Of Single Cup Holder And Double Cup Holder

They are generally installed on the walls on both sides of the washboard and form a line with the makeup rack, and are mostly used for placing toothbrushes and toothpaste. Many people also like to install them in the gap between the bathroom mirror and the bathroom cabinet.




4. Installation Position Of Tissue Holder

The paper towel rack is generally installed on the toilet side, which is easy to reach by hand and is not obvious. If the toilet is close to the shower and there is no shower partition installed, you can install it on the other side of the toilet, generally 0.6m above the ground is the best.


5. Installation Position Of Soap Net

The soap net is generally installed on the walls on both sides of the washboard and forms a line with the bathroom cabinet. It can be combined with single cup holder or double cup holder. The soap net can also be installed on the interior wall of the bathroom to facilitate bathing. The soap ashtray is usually located on the side close to the toilet for dusting.



6. Installation Position Of Storage Corner Bracket

It is mainly installed on the wall corner above the washing machine, and the distance between the rack surface and the washing machine is 35cm. Most of them are used to place washing powder, soap, detergent and so on. They can also be installed in the corner of the kitchen to place oil, wine and other condiments. If the space is too large, multiple storage racks can be installed to store sundries.

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