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Which bathroom faucet material is better?

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As we all know, water is the source of life, and everyone's survival depends on it to be able to continue to develop. Therefore, water is very important to us human beings. But today's discussion is not about water, but about the wash basin faucet. When you are decorating the bathroom, what kind of washbasin mixer tap will you choose?


For the benefit of major consumers and the health of human beings, we specially visited major material decoration markets to learn about the various materials used to make waterfall sink tap.


46-bathroom mixer tap

The basin water tap on the market have a variety of materials, including iron paint, iron galvanized, brass, iron chrome, stainless steel, PVC plastic, polyethylene plastic, polymer composite materials, and so on. Today, we will analysis various basin faucet material and help you select the appropriate bathroom face basin faucet.


We not only need to see which bath waterfall tap is more beautiful and durable, and which wash basin water tap style design is more coordinated with the style of the bathroom cabinet, we also need to see which mixer wall tap material is better for the human body and has the least harm.


1. The iron lacquered basin spout washer is the easiest to rust and the cheapest; the iron galvanized wall mixer faucet is the most common, with a metallic gray appearance, internal welding. But it is easy to rust,crack and has poor toughness, short service life. More importantly, it is not high-grade enough.


2. The brass wall mounted mixer faucet has better corrosion resistance, has a certain sterilization function, and the price is average;


3. The appearance of the iron chrome-plated faucet is the most shiny, and the inside is still iron, which is corrosion-resistant. This type of faucet is suitable for general furniture and restaurants;

4. The price of stainless steel faucet is relatively high, durable, not easy to corrode, which is suitable for high-end restaurants and household or food production lines;


5. PVC plastic faucets are cheap, generally blue-gray, but not suitable for household use; polyethylene faucets are generally white, with good corrosion resistance, and are generally used in laboratories or chemical companies.


46-wall mounted sink taps

When we select the basin faucet, in addition to considering the material of the faucet, the valve core of the faucet is also very important for us. The most common faucet spools are rubber spools, ceramic spools and stainless steel spools. Rubber valve cores have been basically eliminated due to poor performance. Ceramic valve cores have only emerged in recent years and their quality is relatively good. Stainless steel valve cores are suitable for use in areas with poor water quality.


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