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Why Does Bathroom Smell?

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The most important thing to solve a problem is to find its source first. If the toilet has an odor, the source of the odor must be found first. Generally, the problem is caused by the failure of the floor drain. The usual hair and the filth washed down in the bath, unknowingly accumulating at the entrance. Even if your surface is cleaned, there will still be a lot of adsorption on the wall at the drain. After a long period of time, the backlog has increased, and it will naturally smell bad.


In view of the above-mentioned situation, you only need to twist two thin iron wires together, unscrew a sharp hook at the top position, open the lid, and slide it left and right. There will be no smell after cleaning up. In daily use, you should also pay attention to cover the cover in time and dispose of the stolen goods immediately. If it still smells after taking care of it, it means that the deodorant ring has failed and needs to be replaced with a new one. Sometimes restroom partition hardware is a necessary facility.



Where does the smell of the bathroom come from? If you are close to the floor drain and do not smell the smell, you can see if it is a problem with the elongated toilet. The bottom of it is made of a circle of glass glue. This glue has the function of fixing the position of the toilet and also has the function of waterproof and deodorant. However, if the installation is not in place for a long time, dirty water will flow out of the surrounding area and an odor will appear. At this time, you only need to wipe the floor clean, and then refill the glue. If the sealing ring is damaged, the smell is very big and you need to reinstall one.


Both disassembly and installation are troublesome. Another possibility is that the water saving toilets are clogged and smelly. Generally, this happens only when the glaze is not smooth and clean, so you need to pay attention to buying a good-quality automatic toilet. This kind of difficult situation, it is recommended to find a professional master to solve it, and check whether it needs to be replaced with a new one.


If it is not for the above reasons, you can also check the location of washbasin cabinet with mirror. Under the bathroom mirror cupboard, a drain pipe is connected to the sewer. You can disassemble the drain pipe to check if there is a lot of dirt accumulated in it, then rinse it with clean water and install it again. But this pipe also has a lifespan. Generally, PVC water pipes need to be replaced in about three to five years, and see if the service life has expired. When buying, you should also buy a drain pipe with a trap style, that is, the pipe will have an S-bend shape, and this style has a professional deodorant effect.


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Another possibility is that the exhaust function of the exhaust fan is incorrect. You need to check whether it is damaged, whether it can operate normally, whether it is installed with a check valve, etc. You can apply some cooling oil on the fan blades of the exhaust fan, and it will emit a refreshing smell after starting. You can also directly open the lid of the cooling oil and place it in the corner on the ground to effectively deodorize it. You can also mix vinegar with clean water and pour it into various sewer pipes to help dredge and clean.


It can be operated once every three months or so, as a natural air purifier. Essential oils and aromatherapy have the effect of soothing the nerves and deodorizing. You put a bottle of essential oil on the shelf of the sink and the small bathroom cupboard, light a piece of aromatherapy, and soak in the comfortable freestanding bath or shower tub insert in such an emotional space.


In my opinion, in addition to the above points, it is best to replace the detachable shower head regularly.

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