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Why Should Separate Bathroom from Wet and Dry?

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With the increasing pursuit of spiritual enjoyment, traditional integrated functional toilets can no longer meet the needs of most people. The importance of bathroom space design has gradually increased. So do you understand why the bathroom needs to be separated from wet and dry?


The separation of dry and wet is to directly divide the extremely humid area from the root to make it waterproof and moisture-proof. In this way, dry and comfortable places will still be dry and comfortable, and places that are prone to moisture will concentrate moisture and focus on waterproofing. The main method of separating wet and dry is to separate the bathroom from other parts in the form of partition. After setting aside a certain space for the bath, all the rest are given to the toilet smart seat, washbasin and bathroom mirror cabinet.



The Benefits of Separate Toilets


1. Keep it clean


Separate wet and dry toilets divide the bathroom into two, and the area outside the shower area can always be kept dry and hygienic. Unlike traditional toilets, the air will be turbid after use, and it will cause air pollution for a long time. It will cause the indoor items of the toilet, including wall mounted towel holder and mirrored bathroom vanity, to be wet, breed bacteria, and affect human health.


2. The bathroom is overall beautiful


Separate dry and wet toilets include the separation of toilet and bathroom, the separation of the shower area and smart bidet toilet, and the separation of the shower area and bathroom floor cabinet. Once these things are separated, it is easier to grasp and use in design. They form a separate school, and the whole is harmonious and unified. The appearance is beautiful and simple, easy to use, and the best of both worlds.


3. Stagger the use time


Separate dry and wet toilets can stagger the use time of showering, washing, toileting, etc., making the toilet more frequent. Family members will not disagree because of this, and get rid of the trouble of insufficient toilets. It is especially suitable for units with only one toilet at home.


73.Separate Bathroom from Wet and Dry.

4. Improve safety


Everyone knows that the floor will be slippery after showering or washing. The toilet separated from wet and dry is only part of the area with water, and other floors are not affected, so safety is enhanced.


5. Easy to clean


The dry-wet separation toilet does not need to clean the whole as a traditional toilet, only the part is cleaned, which greatly saves the cleaning time.


6. The separation of wet and dry lengthens the life of household items, especially in bathroom electrical equipment. Take the freestanding towel warmer as an example. If a large amount of water vapor directly faces the standing towel rack, it is more likely to cause its internal parts to become wet, which will negatively affect its service life. The bathroom sink cabinet is no exception. Even if the bathroom vanity cabinet is made of good materials, it will become a problem sooner or later if it is often exposed to water vapor.


The so-called dry and wet separation is the only relative, so the dry area must also pay attention to moisture and anti-skid treatment.

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