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Why do we need to install a sensor faucet?

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Touch sensor tap can make your kitchen or bathroom sink cleaner. It is easier to use because you don't need to touch the handle or doorknob, you can open the touchless faucet sensor with a plate in your hand, so that bacteria or germs are not spread to other people in the house. If you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, when you are choosing a faucet, you can consider a non-touch faucet because it has many benefits.


57-automatic hand wash tap

3 reasons to install non-contact faucets


Hands free water tap consume less water than traditional faucets and can avoid the spread of bacteria. The following are some of the benefits of non-contact wash basin sensor tap.


Save money and energy

Data shows that when you turn on the faucet in the sink to wash your hands, you use 2 gallons of water per minute. Even when your child washes his hands, he may leave the faucet on to play with the water, or forget to turn off the faucet, thereby greatly wasting water resources. The appearance of the touch sensitive faucet can help us save water resources. It will only open when you need it, and it will automatically close when you run out of the sink.


You don't need to spend a few more seconds to turn off the faucet by hand. The  touch sensitive faucet will close the valve after you leave the sink to save water. In the long run, automatic basin tap can help you save hundreds of gallons of water. Such savings are more beneficial to the environment and also help reduce monthly water bills.


57-sensor based water taps

Avoid spreading germs

If you do not clean the faucet frequently, the faucet may become a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt. When you wash your hands after going to the toilet or cooking raw food, you may leave bacteria and viruses on your hands. These bacteria will return to your hands or on the tableware. When you touch the handle of the faucet, you may also transfer dirt and food residue from the cooking process to the surface of the sink.


If your faucet can be opened without touching it with contaminated hands, you can prevent the spread of bacteria and keep your entire family healthy, especially during flu season. And you don't need to clean non-contact faucets as often as cleaning standard sinks, because motion bathroom faucet won't come into contact with so many bacteria.


Easy to use

People of all ages, including children and the elderly, can easily use non-touch taps. All you need to do is wave your hand in front of the sensor, and when you are done, it will automatically turn off. You can place the cup under the sensor based water taps or place your hand on it to activate the sensor.


Automatic hand wash tap have a variety of different design options, and because they rarely leak, they tend to be low maintenance. When you use it, you can also control the temperature and intensity of the water.

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