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Will you choose and install a concealed shower?

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Many people like to install showers in the bathroom. They usually work for a day, and when they are tired, they want to go back to the bathroom and take a hot bath. Therefore, you can imagine how important the shower is. Traditionally, we all choose to install exposed shower, but now there is a new brass concealed shower which is more fashionable, so what should we pay attention to when installing this concealed shower?



2-1-concealed rainfall shower

Precautions for installation of concealed shower:


1. Do not install the hot and cold water supply pipes wrong. Generally, bathroom sink faucets are marked with cold and hot marks. If there is no sign, there is a hot water pipe on the left and a cold water pipe on the right when facing the faucet.


2. After installation, it is best to remove the foamer and shower head first, let the water flow out of the pipe, and wash away the impurities before installing concealed black shower.


3. When connecting the water inlet hose of the shower, don't wrap the sealing tape, just tighten the nut by hand, without using a wrench, so that the hose will not be damaged.


4. If you use a constant temperature bathroom mixer tap, it is recommended to measure the water supply pressure of cold and heat pipes with a pressure gauge. If the pressure difference between them exceeds 2 bar (0.2 MPa), it is best to install a pressure reducing valve to adjust it.


5. If heating welding is required during installation, don't forget to remove plastic bathroom tap sets such as valve core first.


6. Before the faucet enters the wall, the depth of the faucet buried in the wall shall be formulated according to the manual, and the brushed gold bathroom faucet connection parts shall be tested for suppression, check whether there is any leakage and repair it. Don't forget to empty all the air in the pipeline and faucet during the pressure test.



2-3-concealed rainfall shower

How to choose showers?


1. Look at the surface coating


It is best to use 150 chrome plating on the concealed rainfall shower surface, which can keep the high temperature for 1 hour without foaming or wrinkling, even if it is monitored by acetic acid salt spray for 24 hours, it will not corrode. Therefore, the glossiness and smoothness can be seen when selecting, and the bright and smooth concealed power shower unit shows better quality.


2. Look at the spray effect


The appearance and shape of shower heads seem to be the same, so it is necessary to look at their spraying effect when selecting them. A good shower can ensure the spray balance of each small spray hole, so you can test the water to see if the spray water flow is even.


3. Look at the accessories


Accessories of single lever concealed shower mixer will directly affect the comfort of use. When purchasing, you can check whether the water pipe and lifting rod are flexible, whether the joint of the shower is equipped with anti-twisting ball bearings, and whether the lifting rod is equipped with a rotation controller.


4. Look at the valve core


The service life of the rbrohant concealed shower will be directly affected by the valve core. A good shower is made of ceramic valve core, which is smooth and friction-free. The switch can be turned manually during selection, and it feels comfortable. Smooth means that the shower can be kept smooth and reliable during use.

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