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Flg has helped numerous clients receive good fame in faucet.
our key advantages include.

About Factory

Flg is a Sanitary Ware manufacturer that mainly produces kitchen faucet, Basin Faucets, Bathtub Faucets etc. since 2008 in Wenzhou China..

Flg is a homophonic for Flg faucet in Chinese, it means opening up and developing to achieve better. This way we can keep up with the market demands, to make sure our customers have new and Sanitary Ware collection every year.

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A partnership with flg is not about just buying from flg faucet,.

it's about building a relationship with a trusted and passion team who committed to QUALITY, RELIABILITY, and AFFORDABILITY. .

We focus more attention on improving design development and production capacity of our own so as to better satisfy our clients’ needs.

Flg faucet And there is a cordial and peaceful relationship between the management and the entire workers.Business competition is necessary in both domestic and international business. However,our company has a strong competition in the international market with other competitors..

Inspite of this, our company has been the best so far, this is as result of our great attention on quality and after-sales-services..

In recent years, Our company has maintained a steady growth in it’s profit and sales margin.Hope FlG Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. service you from now on...

Our Team

our company has a total 300 workers in it’s pay roll. FLG is a wholesale provider of many quality Kitchen products such as kitchen faucet, Basin faucet, Bath tub faucet, shower set faucet, Bathroom Accessory and more..

be used in home, hotel, and other public place.We have highly professional and hard working workforce,..

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