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Good shower, good life

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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to sanitary products. Nowadays, there are many styles of showers on the market. When consumers buy, how can they choose a shower that suits them better? Many consumers are very casual when buying showers, and they don't choose them carefully. In fact, the selection of flexible shower heads is also learned.


14-1-water efficient shower heads

Look at the plating layer


The plating layer of shower determines its beautiful appearance and service life. Good water efficient shower heads, with multi-layer plating, have flat and smooth outer surface and beautiful lines, and will not rust after many years of use. Showers with poor quality are dull in appearance, and some may be shiny in appearance, but the plating layer is thin, which will lead to corrosion after being used for a period of time, which will affect the appearance, and rust is unfavorable to the health. When choosing chrome shower heads, it is best to let the merchants provide authoritative test reports, so that the quality can be assured.



Raw material


The main raw materials of recessed shower head are brass, alloy, etc. Of course, brass is the raw material with good quality. However, the quality of brass is also different. Brass has high content, high hardness, few impurities and is not easy to crack. Other metals in inferior brass are high in content and contain many impurities, which may lead and be harmful to health. At present, brass has several grades such as H38, H59, H62, etc. H62 copper has the best quality, strong corrosion resistance and strong and durable quality; H38 has poor quality, less copper content, easy corrosion and low durability. When buying good shower heads, you can ask the merchant what grade brass the raw material is.



Shower nozzle


The quality of fancy shower heads is also related to its service life. High-quality shower nozzle generally uses high-quality silica gel as raw material, which is environmentally friendly and healthy, is not easy to block. For the metal shower head with poor quality, the water outlet is made of ordinary plastic, which is hard, easy to form scale, block the water outlet hole, and the water outlet is not smooth. Moreover, it is inconvenient to clean and has an impact on health.



14-2-water efficient shower heads

Valve core


Valve core is the heart of faucet, which is very important. High-quality showers generally adopt high-strength ceramic valve cores, which have good sealing performance, high wear resistance and are not easy to leak water. For matt black concealed showers with poor quality, the valve core quality is also poor, which is prone to aging and wear, poor sealing performance, short service life, and easy to leak water or loose faucet after a period of time. When buying a shower, you should ask the merchant to turn on the faucet, look at the valve core inside, or have a certificate of quality appraisal.



Shower tube


Shower pipe is the longest part of the whole shower, and attention should be paid to this part when choosing. The thicker the wall of shower pipe, the better the quality and the more durable it is. Generally, the thickness is 0.6~1.0 mm, and the diameter of long shower hose is 20~25 mm. In addition, the inner and outer walls of the shower pipe should be smooth, carefully manufactured and corrosion-resistant, so that the service life can be long.


Finally, when choosing a concealed black shower, we should also pay attention to some details, such as the flexibility of lifting rod, hose material, anti-entanglement design, etc. The details determine the comfort of use, so we should be careful when choosing.

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