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How many types of shower heads do you know?

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Most people think it's OK to choose any shower head, and then when they buy it back, they find it's not the one they want, and they have to buy it again. In fact, the shower head is divided into several different types, each type of function is different, household shower head is also exquisite. So, what types of shower nozzles are there? Which is the best shower nozzle for home use?



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Type Of Shower Head

The LED light shower head not only provides the water outlet function of the shower head, but also integrates the environmental lighting mode to further enhance the enjoyment level of the shower. Intelligent light sensor shower, through the built-in temperature sensor, always remind the bath water temperature changes, shower head light will change with the change of water temperature, so you can enjoy the pleasure of bathing.


The constant temperature shower head allows you to preset your favorite water temperature and keep it constant throughout the shower. When the water temperature or pressure of the water supply changes, for example, when someone is flushing the toilet elsewhere in the house, the constant temperature tap can adjust the shower water temperature instantaneously. Good thermostatic faucet with built-in safety function can prevent the water temperature from being mistakenly adjusted to above 38 ℃.


The magnetized negative ion sprinkler head can remove residual chlorine, heavy metal ions, suspended pollutants and organic micro pollutants in water through the action of negative ion ball, energy ball, far-infrared mineralized ball and permanent magnet, and inhibit bacteria and other harmful substances to human body through magnetization, activation, filtration and ionization. Activate and soften the water, enhance the permeability and vitality of water, and make a variety of precious minerals easy to be absorbed by human cells. Magnetized water molecules penetrate into skin, improve blood and subcutaneous microcirculation, enhance human biological magnetic field, deeply clean and replenish water, nourish your body.


With the help of the ingenious design of the 360 ° rotating nozzle, the user can adjust the spray direction of the water flow only by slightly rotating the nozzle. Provide a variety of spray modes to choose from: lasing water strong, exciting. Foam water outlet, more air intake of shower, can save water. Shower type and spray, massage type water.



Which Kind Of Shower Head Is Good For Home Use

It's OK to choose any of the above household shower heads. However, when we buy them, we should first choose the products produced by regular manufacturers. Secondly, we should pay attention to the quality. We can't buy them back and use them for a few days. Thirdly, we should choose those with water-saving function. As long as they are comfortable, it's necessary to save water. If the sprinkler for women can choose some sprinkler with skin care effect or other functions, they can choose according to their own needs.


The above is to introduce all kinds of shower head types, for our own convenience, we still have to choose suitable shower head. If you can, please go to the scene to feel the texture and function of the nozzle. It's not that you want to buy multi-functional shower head is the best, but to choose high-quality shower head, please remember that good quality is really good. Second, you need to choose the shower that suits you best. If you love gentle water instead of strong water, you can choose a foam shower. Because everyone's feeling and definition of bathing are different, but they are all in order to make themselves more clean, tidy and relaxed, so you need to choose a shower head that fits you best to match your life.

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