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How to Choose Finish Materials for Bathroom Faucets?

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The surface of cheap single hole bathroom faucet will quickly change color, making the original luxurious sinks and countertops look significantly less attractive, and high-quality vessel sink faucets surfaces will make a bathroom look significantly more luxurious. So you should be sure to check the internal materials of the bathroom faucet before buying. Brass single handle bathroom faucet is a suitable choice. Its surface may last for a long time without leakage or corrosion, but its price will be more expensive. Stainless steel faucets are also a good choice. They are unlikely to corrode or leak, but they are not as strong as brass, although they are cheaper. Zinc is cheaper, but it will corrode when it comes in contact with water. In addition, most metal faucets sold by good manufacturers have a lifetime warranty.



58-wash basin mixer faucet

Silver bathroom faucet finish


Silver bathroom faucet finishes are more popular than gold because they are neutral and suitable for any occasion.


Polished chrome

The price of the chrome-plated wall mount tub faucet is the most affordable. The chrome-plated mirror surface is versatile, suitable for almost all bathroom decorations, and looks great under all lighting. And it is not easy to scratch, resistant to rust, and it is easy to clean with mild detergent and damp towels.


Polished nickel finish

Polished nickel is darker in color than chrome, has a higher temperature, and is more complicated. Polished nickel is easy to clean with mild detergent and damp towels. Its appearance is more impressive, brighter than chrome, and it is the most durable of all finishes. But polished nickel is more expensive than chromium.


Brushed nickel

It is treated with a wire brush and has a matte appearance. It can hide fingerprints and water stains, so it is becoming more and more popular. Brushed nickel modern bathroom faucets is easy to clean, there are many styles to choose from, and the price is relatively cheap.


Polished stainless steel

Stainless steel has increasingly moved from the kitchen to the bathroom. Like nickel, stainless steel is generally considered an upgraded version of chromium. Stainless steel is cheaper than almost all other materials, except chromium. And it is very corrosion resistant. But it has a disadvantage that it is easily scratched, so it must be cleaned with a mild solvent.



58-watermark basin mixer

Golden bathroom faucet device


Brass is a yellow metal similar to gold. Copper is characterized by a more reddish hue, while bronze is more brown in color.


Polished brass

The surface of the brass pull out basin tap is extremely durable and will not rust or corrode. They are easy to clean and can mix well with other materials. But the price will be more expensive, and the surface will show fingerprints and water spots.


Satin brass

The color of satin brass is softer, it still looks elegant and warm, making it more functional than polished brass. And its matte surface will not leave fingerprints or water stains.


Oil-Rubbed bronze

Oil-milled bronze brushed basin tap is durable and difficult to maintain because it will not show fingerprints or water spots.


Satin bronze

You can easily clean the satin surface with a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Because it does not show water stains or fingerprints, it does not need to be cleaned frequently. Overall, the bronze watermark basin mixer is durable and easy to maintain.



Copper is the most natural antibacterial substance among all metals, so it will disinfect itself naturally to a certain extent. 

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