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How to Handle Sanitary Ware at Home?

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If you are going to renovate or replace the sanitary ware in your home, you need to consider some factors.


Below are the life expectancies of some of the most common repair and replacement sanitary equipment.


Before continuing to invest in repairs, please consider the age of these parts. The kitchen or bathroom faucet is 12-15 years old (depending on the quality). The removable shower head is 8-10 years (regular cleaning). The water heater is 10-12 years old. Shower door systems are 15-20 years old. The pipe is 50-80 years old (depending on the material). The water filtration system is 10-12 years old. Garbage disposal is 8-15 years.


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Causes and Solutions of Indoor Humidity


This mainly occurs on the ground floor of the house. There are generally two reasons. One is that when high-temperature humid air (relative humidity above 90%) encounters low-temperature, smooth and non-absorbent ground, it is easy to produce condensed water on the ground (generally, it will be produced when the temperature is around 2°C). The second is that the water in the foundation soil under the ground cushion rises through capillary action, and the vapor water penetrates upward, which makes the ground material wet and aggravates the deterioration of the humidity of the entire room. Generally, the method of applying a waterproof coating or a waterproof agent can be used. Before painting, chisel the surface layer, clean it, and apply two coats of waterproof paint.


Items placed in this environment for a long time are prone to mold and rust. In view of this, many items in the bathroom will be made of stainless steel, ceramic, and chrome, such as stainless steel handheld shower heads, porcelain bathtub and chrome heated towel rail.


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Steps for Cleaning the Shower Inlet


Unless the shower head and faucet are completely scrapped, I suggest that cleaning the shower inlet in time should be part of the daily work. The specific operation method is as follows:


Remove the nozzle of the shower hardware, gently shake the water inlet downward, and pour out the sewage in the remaining pipe.


Place the water outlet of the nozzle in a container, pour in a special scale cleaner, toilet cleaner or weak acid such as white vinegar. After soaking for 3-4 hours, brush with a small brush and rinse with water


After flushing with water, wipe off the scale around and on the surface of the water outlet with a rag, remember not to use sharp objects to clean up the deposits.


Choose the Right Bathtub


How to choose the right bathtub? It depends on the material of the bathtub.


The steel bathtub is not easy to hang dirty and fade, easy to clean, and has a long-lasting luster. However, because the steel plate is extremely thin and its thermal insulation performance is not good, some add a thermal insulation layer. An enameled steel bathtub is another steel bathtub.


The cast iron bathtub is easy to maintain, and it is not easy to produce noise during use. The advantage lies in the thick cylinder wall, good insulation performance, high gloss, and good acid and alkali resistance. Moreover, the cast iron cylinder has good gloss, the service life is the longest among several cylinders, and the price is the most expensive.


The acrylic bathtub has variable shapes, lightweight and good heat preservation effect. The disadvantage is that man-made organic materials have poor high-temperature resistance, non-wear resistance, and easy aging of the surface. The surface is prone to scratches due to its low hardness.


It is necessary to study and compare the cost of repairing or replacing bathroom appliances, which will help you make an investment in your home or opt for the repair.

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