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How to prevent water from getting out of shower?

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Causes of dripping in shower:


1. Expansion with heat and contraction with cold: When water is heated, water dripping from rainfall shower head sometimes occurs, and this situation will decrease when the weather is cold and the water temperature is low, because the volume of water becomes larger and overflows when the temperature is high, so such dripping is a normal phenomenon and does not need to be treated.


2. Atmospheric pressure: Sometimes, when you turn off the high pressure shower head, you will find that there is a short dripping. In fact, this is caused by atmospheric pressure. When you turn off the shower nozzle, there is still a part of water in it, and due to atmospheric pressure, water cannot flow out. When the atmospheric pressure changes, or the vibration breaks the balance of atmospheric pressure, the remaining water of the sprinkler will flow out. The larger the hand held shower head, the more likely it is to appear this phenomenon.


3. Impurities and deposits: After the shower nozzle has been used for a long time, many impurities will be deposited in different parts, so it is necessary to disassemble the square shower head for cleaning.


4. Loose parts: if there is any looseness, check it carefully, and tighten the loose parts in time.



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What if the shower drips?


If it is clear what causes the dripping of shower head, it is necessary to prescribe the right solution. The key is to look at how to deal with the leakage of detachable shower head caused by impurities and sediments, but the leakage caused by impurities and sediments should be treated in different parts.


1. Leakage caused by impurity deposition at the turning ball of water softener shower head: unscrew the shower nozzle from the turning ball ring, find out the O-ring inside (this ring can prevent water from leaking out) or similar seals, clean up the impurities above, or replace the O-ring with a new one.


2. Leakage caused by the handle of dual shower head: Use the banding pliers to unscrew the handle of shower nozzle from the hose. If other wrenches are used, tie the hose with adhesive tape to prevent it from being scratched. Clean the deposit around the thread on the handle, and apply adhesive around it, or put on the plumber's tape, turn the nozzle back and tighten it by hand.



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How to prevent the shower nozzle from dripping?


There are many reasons for the filtered shower head dripping, some of which are uncontrollable and some of which are controllable. For example, if impurities are piled up or parts are loose, you can take precautions in peacetime.


1. Clean all joints of shower facilities frequently, so as to reduce scale and prevent dripping of water saving shower head caused by scale accumulation.


2. After the shower, tighten the switch to check whether there is water leakage caused by the water not being turned off.


3. Pay attention to whether there are quality problems when choosing double shower heads, and choose shower heads with good quality and high sealing performance.

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