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What are the development trends of the sanitary ware industry?

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Entering 2018, the bathroom industry ushered in an unprecedented era of change. The policy guidance is very strong, the industry pattern is changing with each passing day, and the consumer market is constantly changing. New energy, new forces and new technologies are sweeping in.


How to understand the great tide of change? How to see the future trend of the industry and deal with the trend change? How will the choice of bathroom related producers change the industry? What factors will become the driving force to accelerate the development of the industry, the small editor summed up the five major trends of the bathroom industry in recent years, let us look forward to the pattern and opportunities of the bathroom industry in the new year.


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Younger Trend

With the development of the times, the core of consumption has gradually changed from 60 and 70 to 80 and 90, and consumers are becoming younger. More and more consumers like diversified and personalized products, such as smart toilet bowl, freestanding bath and faucet with design sense, and they pay attention to the consumption experience. From the brand, style and other considerations, personalization is also a demand point. Therefore, we can consider some customized bathroom series, such as: dual heated towel rail, gooseneck shower head.


A considerable number of brands usually choose younger and more cost-effective products when promoting online products. This is based on the consumer groups formed by large shopping malls, because most of the consumers who buy sanitary ware on shopping websites are young and middle-aged. They have a younger aesthetic and focus on the cost performance.


At present, the concept of sanitary ware products has been far beyond the traditional concept in the past. The comprehensive functions of the products are more prominent. In addition to meeting the use functions, it also produces water-saving shower, environmental protection towel rack, intelligent induction toilet, anti-aging shower and so on. They have obvious recyclability and strong green consumption concept. As a symbol of modern life, it enters all aspects of people's life. Therefore, in the future, it is self-evident that the sanitary ware market will present a diversified development trend.




Environmental Trends

Under the government's emphasis on environmental protection and promotion of environmental protection, many leaders of bathroom enterprises will face a problem: how to effectively resolve the conflict between environmental protection and efficiency, so that efficiency and environmental protection can work together to achieve win-win situation?


Under the background of energy conservation and emission reduction, consumers have a stronger demand for energy-saving and environmental protection products. For consumers of bathroom hardware, many people no longer regard price as a priority factor, product style, quality and environmental protection have become the new focus of purchase. When people buy a toilet shower head or toilet pump, they usually ask what kind of material it is made of and whether it conforms to the environmental protection concept. More and more consumers are not only pursuing comfort and fashion, but also considering the practicability and environmental protection of bathroom.


In such a large environment, energy conservation and emission reduction as the focus of bathroom enterprises, brings development and direction to bathroom enterprises, but also becomes the future trend.

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